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40-Year-Old Woman, 2-Year-Old Boy Die From Fall at Padres' Petco Park

Rob Goldberg

A 40-year-old woman and her two-year-old son died at Petco Park on Saturday after falling from the third-level concourse, per Lori Weisberg and Gary Robbins of the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Homicide Lt. Andra Brown said the two were pronounced dead at 4:11 p.m., shortly before the start of the San Deigo Padres' game against the Atlanta Braves.

Police have not yet determined if the fall was accidental but noted the deaths "appeared to be suspicious."

"Our hearts obviously go out to the family, but also to the people here who could potentially be traumatized who saw this," Brown said. "It’s a horrible, horrible thing. That's why we're giving it a very serious look."

The child's father was also at the ballpark during the time of the deaths.

The Union-Tribune reported an eyewitness saw the child fall first while the woman went over trying to catch the child.

The tragic news comes after a man died in August from a fall at Citi Field, home of the New York Mets, although that fall didn't occur during a baseball game.  


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