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Todd Gurley to Be Honored by LA Mayor for Helping Provide Medical, Mental Health Care

Adam Wells

Pro Bowl running back Todd Gurley is going to be honored by Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti for his work helping to provide access to medical and mental health services in the city. 

Per an official release from TeleHealth Van, Gurley will be honored alongside rapper YG and TeleHealth Van owner Dion Rambo at a private celebration:

According to the release, TeleHealth Van is "the first and only virtual meeting service that operates a fleet of customized-5G enabled vans that help bridge the digital divide by driving into low-income communities to allow families to step inside and conduct private virtual meetings."

Gurley and YG have been supporters of the service since it was launched in May 2020. 

The 26-year-old running back was instrumental in helping grow the service, including adopting incentive programs like a grocery store gift card for every five visits and assembling a group of mental health specialists to work with young athletes. 

Gurley began his NFL career with the Los Angeles Rams. He spent five seasons with the organization before being released in March 2020. 

The Atlanta Falcons signed Gurley to a one-year contract in April 2020. He ran for 678 yards and scored nine touchdowns in 15 starts last season. The two-time All-Pro is now a free agent. 


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