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Tiger Woods' Speed Ruled Primary Cause of Car Crash That Resulted in Leg Injuries

Tyler Conway

Tiger Woods was traveling 83 mph in a 45 mph zone before a car crash that resulted in him suffering severe leg injuries, police said Wednesday. His driving speed was considered the primary factor in the crash.

The Los Angeles County Sherriff's Office released its findings after previously stating it would not reveal details surrounding the crash, citing Woods' privacy. Police already determined Woods would not face any criminal charges.

The 15-time major champion was involved in a one-vehicle crash Feb. 23 in Los Angeles and underwent emergency surgery for "comminuted open fractures affecting both the upper and lower tibia and fibula." The surgery was considered a success, and Woods is back home in Florida recovering.

"Thank you to all the incredible surgeons, doctors, nurses and staff at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center," Woods said in a statement. "You have all taken such great care of me and I cannot thank you enough.

"I will be recovering at home and working on getting stronger every day."

TMZ Sports reported the black box in Woods' SUV showed he gained speed as he was losing control of the vehicle. There is no evidence Woods was under the influence of drugs or alcohol during the crash, and TMZ reported police did not subpoena his phone records to determine if he was using a cell phone.

Woods was previously arrested for a DUI in 2017. 


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